The purpose of CLASS is to support, connect and strengthen ALL students through a variety of activities including but not limited to Knight's Quest (Freshman orientation), Knight's Charge, Open House, Homecoming, and student volunteer days. CLASS functions as a support group to the Student Council of NHS and its class representatives from here on will be referred to as STUCO (year of graduation) or any other grade level specific sponsored event. 


Program Funding

CLASS is funded by the following:

Dues: When joining the PTSO, a dollar amount determined by the executive board is allocated to each CLASS from the PTSO membership fees. 


  • Fundraising: Each CLASS may select an item to be sold by the PTSO during various events. Each Class may choose a second fundraising event/item per year. The incoming Freshman class fundraiser will be chosen by the CLASS Chairs and PTSO President prior to the start of the upcoming school year.